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2017 Annual Conference

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*There is not a lot written about the art of listening yet it is KEY in everything about change and in PCC. we take a deep dive into really listening. Think of someone you really enjoy talking to. What are the qualities that draw you to speak with them? DID YOU KNOW? Thoughts move about four times as fast as speech. If you are really listening intently, you should feel tired after your speaker has finished. Effective listening is an active rather than a passive activity. When you find yourself drifting away during a listening session, change your body position and concentrate on using one of the above skills. Once one of the skills is being used, the other active skills will come into place as well.

*Leading transformational change from an old institutional, top-down, and staff-centric way of thinking to a person-centered way of life is the hardest work a leader will ever engage in but it is the most worthwhile. This session will explore foundational pillars of person centered care and what is at the heart of the journey. We will explore five fundamental leadership best practices that participants must use to successfully engage their communities on the transformational journey to person centered care.

*Regulatory overview Interacting with Person Centered Care. Learning Objectives may include: Overview of Person Centered Care Initiatives, Phase One, Phase Two, Implementation Dates, New Survey process, Survey Interpretation Trends-Updates

*Discuss building features and enhancements to address Person- Centered Care objectives in long-term and memory care environments. Ideas for renovation and addition of older style single and multi-story facilities will be addressed along with the topics of preplanning, budgeting, and improving new and renovated building design!

*Do you want to improve the quality of engagement in life for persons living with dementia? Are you looking for ways to create more participation for the older adults you serve? Using the Montessori philosophy, roles, routines and activities are developed for each individual, which are meaningful to that person – giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy an enriched life full of possibilities, not limitations.

*Person-centered care is typically thought of as a way to improve quality of life for individuals receiving care and services. Many of the tenets of PCC, such as consistent assignment, require close and continuing relationships between elders and their direct care partners. However, providers across the continuum of care struggle with high rates of direct care turnover, which can drastically effect quality of care

*Person Directed Care for residents living with dementia and discuss the programs Chapel Hill Community has integrated for these residents. We will incorporate the components of Comfort Matters, Music and Memory, OMA and Person Directed Care

*Learn key tactics to more regularly measure satisfaction levels and metrics that help management identify the key issues causing turnover. Discover how to boost your organization’s culture and implement proven engagement strategies so that team members are happy and they stay

*Culture Change and person directed care have changed the way dining services operated in senior living communities. We continue to strive to implement more choices in dinging options whether it is Buffet Dining, Restaurant Style Dining or Room Service Dining. Yet how do we change our menus to offer more choice and still meet the regulations?


Approval as a limited provider by the Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators is being requested.

BELTSS Statement

Approved by the Board of Executives of Long Term Services and Supports, BELTSS # 123-L-17. Core of knowledge subject area: Customer care, supports, and services. As stated in the Ohio Administrative Code 4723-9-05, education that has been approved by a board or an agency that regulates a health care profession in Ohio or another jurisdiction is an acceptable option to meet nursing continuing education requirements.

LeadingAge Ohio is a Social Work approved provider (#RSX020502) of continuing education by the Ohio Counselor, Social Work, & Marriage & Family Therapist Board. Provider status valid through 11/17. Social work clock hours will be available for all sessions except. Architectural Environments to Enhance Person-Centered Care, Workforce 360: Tackling Staffing Challenges with Modern Engagement Practices, and Dining Services...It's All About Choice!

Navigating the Future Conference Information

Partners in Person-Centered Care

We are excited to work with the Ohio Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to offer an intense opportunity for nursing facility leadership and staff to learn more about person-centered care. Sessions will include innovative initiatives to improve staff retention, person-centered choices such as dining, person-centered discharge planning and much more!

Bridgewater Banquet Center 10561 Sawmill Parkway Powell, OH 43065 Bridge Water Banquet Center The conference is 8:00 – 5:00 p.m. with registration starting at 8:00 a.m. Go to the banquet center website for information about local hotels. We are expecting 500+ attendees. Tickets: $149 per person Lunch Included

Online registration is available at the Ohio Person-Centered Care Coalition website at If you have any additional questions, please contact Scholarships are available for participants in the Staff Engagement NH Quality Improvement Project. Scholarships will be preapproved for project participants by their Regional Ombudsman Project Liaison. Please refer questions to: Erin Pettegrew at




In the Moment

Perspective. Purpose. Presence.You need to follow your path, if you do not see one then create one stone by stone. I believe that everything in my life has led me to and prepared me for - the next opportunity, the next adventure.

Personal Profile• Experienced speaker with a background in improvisation which enables her to adapt to any audience and be flexible in any situation• Unique ability to bring the creativity to meetings and to see the many sides to every story. • Excellent people skills. Is an adept communicator with all areas of the community.• Knowledgeable trainer in dementia care; has the knack of finding innovative ways to teach necessary information.• Understands and can empathize with families and professionals in the healthcare community and brings that to every training and meeting.


Laura R Roy,

Executive Director Lutheran SeniorLife Passavant Community

Laura Roy has served as a senior living professional for over 20 years and has served as the Executive Director at Lutheran SeniorLife Passavant Community since July 2000. Her enthusiastic leadership and passion for serving elders has facilitated the creation of Abundant Life®, Lutheran SeniorLife’s model of culture change that encourages and enables seniors and the staff who serve them to be who they were created to be.

Laura has served on the board of Voice (Voice of Inspired Change for Elders), whose mission is to empower Pennsylvania elders, and their care partners, to make informed choices wherever they call home.

Laura has her bachelors of arts degree in Psychology from Allegheny College and holds both a masters of business administration and a masters of health administration from the University of Pittsburgh. Laura is a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Pennsylvania and a graduate of the Coalition for Leadership in Aging Services and is a Certified Aging Services Professional through the University of North Texas.

“Navigating the Future…

How do we get there from here?”

Leadership is not a position; it is a commitment of the heart so regardless of the position we hold, we can lead. Leading transformational change from an old institutional, top-down, and staff-centric way of thinking to a person-centered wayof life is the hardest work a leader will ever engage in but it is the most worthwhile. This session will explore foundational pillars of person centered care and what is at the heart of the journey. We will explore five fundamental leadership best practices that participants must use to successfully engage their communities on the transformational journey to person centered care. Participants will also be encouraged to persevere and sustain the journey when facingchallenges. Born out of a deep passion for our elders, and fifteen years on a journey leading her community towards person centeredness Laura will lead us in navigating our future to true transformational change.

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November 9, 2017 – Location:
10561 Sawmill Parkway Powell, Ohio 43065


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About Centered Care

Person-centered care is a relationship-based approach to nursing home care that honors and respects the voice of elders and those working closest with them. It involves a continuing process of listening, trying new things, seeing how they work, and changing things in an effort to individualize care and de-institutionalize the nursing home environment.

Person-centered care is not about more forms, more lists, more reporting, or more work. It is about finding a decent and kind way to serve older adults that makes their lives and the lives of their caregivers more meaningful, a common-sense approach to bringing care back into caregiving at the nursing home and enriching the lives of those that live and work there.

Principles and values of person-centered care
  • Every person has strengths, gifts, and contributions to offer.
  • Every person has hopes, dreams and desires.
  • Each person is the primary authority on his or her life, along with those who them.
  • Every person has the ability to express preferences and to make choices.
  • A person's choices and preferences shall always be considered.
THIS is what we strive to help facilities with education, tools and resources to provide!

When we hear from you, we can improve our work and refine our materials to meet your needs. If you have questions or comments about implementing preference-based person-centered care in your organization, please reach out to us at or 513-529-3605.

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