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New Dining Standards of Practice Resources are Available Now

An interdisciplinary task force composed of national clinical organizations that set standards of practice has released a document expanding dining, diets, food consistency, thickened liquids, and tube feedings. This task force included 12 organizations, representing clinical professions involved in developing diet orders and providing food service (including physicians, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, pharmacists, dietitians among others). The task force formed in 2011 as a recommendation from the 2010 CMS/Pioneer Network symposium on food and dining. Also participating were CMS, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control.
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New Dining Practice Standards

Dining Practice Standards Pioneer Network

Food and Dining requirements are core components of quality of life and quality of care in nursing homes. CMS notes that the most frequent questions and concerns received by their staff focus on the physical environment and dining/food policies in nursing homes. Therefore, in 2010 the Pioneer Network and CMS held their second co-sponsored nation symposium Creating Home II National Symposium on Culture Change and the Food and Dining Requirements, sponsored by the Hulda B. & Maurice L. Rothschild Foundation. The including nursing home staff, regulators, provider leadership, researchers, registered dietitians, vendors and advocates for culture change to bring you this Standard of Practice for Individualized nutrition Approaches & Diet Liberalization.
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Artifacts of Culture Change

Development of the Artifacts of Culture Change Tool

The Artifacts of Culture Change tool fills the purpose of collecting the major concrete changes homes have made to care and workplace practices, policies and schedules, increased resident autonomy, and improved environment. It results from study of what providers and researchers have deemed significant things that are changed and are different in culture changing homes compared to other homes.
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consistent assignment flyer

Consistent Assignment Flyer

Building strong relationships between residents and staff in order to improve resident quality of care and quality of life is at the heart of consistent assignment. Download this one-page flyer to learn more... Click Here.

Process for Care Planning for Resident Choice

A Process for Care Planning for Resident Choice

The Person-Centered Care Planning process supports long term care communities in their efforts to honor residents’ choices that influence quality of care and quality of life, while mitigating potential risks associated with those choices. Click here to learn more! (PDF)

nursing mentors

Ohio Nursing Home Mentor Listing

Find a mentor in the Ohio nursing home community to help you in your efforts toward providing care that is person-centered. Mentors are listed with information about their areas of experience and if they are open to providing tours to others in the industry. Click here to view list of mentors!
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