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You've worked long and hard to move your nursing home towards providing care that is truly person-centered. When you walk around your nursing home, you can see many positive changes that came about as a result of your efforts to change care practices, workplace practices, and/or the physical environment.

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Does this sound familiar? If so, consider becoming a mentor for others in the nursing home industry. Mentors provide guidance and answer questions for nursing homes that are in earlier stages of culture change.

Share-A-Story Program

The road can be a little bumpy when you first start making changes in your care practices, workplace practices, or the physical environment.

But as so many of us know, we can do it if we just keep at it! And wouldn't it be nice if there were a place to go to read about other homes that have been in your shoes? A place where you could read about successful transitions, what not to try, and other important lessons?

The Ohio Person-Centered Care Coalition is committed to building such a resource, but we need your help. Share your stories with us! We want to hear stories about successful implementations, how you overcame large obstacles, and other lessons of what not to do. Stories about barriers or outright "flops" are intended to provide a safe way for homes to share the stories of things that just didn't work, or to share things that even backfired on them.

Below are three templates that we recommend using to share your story:
Success Story
If you have successfully changed care practices, workplace practices, or your physical environment, we'd love to hear about it! Tell others how you did it and inspire them to follow your lead by submitting a success story.

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Barrier Story

Tell us about how you really had to work hard to overcome some obstacle.

For example, how did you work with your dietary staff when changing to buffet-style meals? How did you work within the constraints of your budget or corporate policies? Help others learn from your experiences by submitting a barrier story.

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FLOP Stories (Funny Lessons On Paper)

Did you ever close the book on a change idea saying "it seemed like a good idea at the time, BUT...?" For example, did you bring a pet dog in for your residents -- a good idea until you realized the pet rabbit was out of its cage? Share the lighter side of those ideas that just didn't work out the way you thought they would by submitting a FLOP story.

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Once you have completed the mentor form or one of the shared experiences please send them to and someone will contact you!