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Informational Websites, Books, Case Studies etc.

Resource TitleTools for Change-Artifacts v.3
DescriptionArtifacts of Culture Change Benchmark Reports 04/01/2010 - 3/31/2011
Link for Change-Artifacts v3.pdf

Resource TitleTools for Change-Adoption v.3
DescriptionPioneer Network is committed to studying how adopter outcomes translate into more quantifiable metrics and to benchmark those metrics with national data. The goal of this work is to accelerate adoption and support implementation and sustainability by articulating the operational linkages between person-centered care, quality of care, and financing — The Case for Adoption.
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Resource TitleAdvancing Excellence
DescriptionA new coalition of groups representing healthcare providers, caregivers, medical and quality improvement experts, government agencies, consumers and others have joined together to launch a new two-year Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes campaign. This national campaign seeks excellence in the quality of life and quality of care for the more than 1.5 million American nursing home residents by enhancing choice, strengthening workforce, and improving clinical outcomes. The campaign supporters believe that quality nursing home care should be an automatic expectation for everyone, nothing less, and are committed to working together to engage nursing homes in the goals of this campaign in order to achieve real progress in quality of care. Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes builds on the work and goals of other initiatives such as the Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI), Quality First, and the culture change movement, bringing these initiatives (and their supporters) together to help foster continued quality improvement in nursing homes.

Resource TitleThe Institute for Caregiver Education
DescriptionThe Institute for Caregiver Education offers a variety of educational products designed to support and enhance cultural transformation in eldercare settings while meeting a range of professional development needs.

Resource TitleCulture Change in Long Term Care by Audrey S. Weiner and Judy S. Ronch
DescriptionThis book will inform you about the theoretical and practical applications of culture change within the institutional long-term care setting. It examines existing models of "positive cultures," emphasizing philosophy, underpinning, and implementation

Resource TitleLoomis Communities Culture Change Case Study
DescriptionCase Study: a document explaining the culture change process at Loomis Communities. Dated May 15, 2005

Resource TitleNational Long Term Care Ombudsmen Resource Center
DescriptionA collaboration of Long Term Care Initiatives from many different states that Nebraska has put together to work on their state Resident Centered Care Projects. Includes a library, quick search and index.

Resource TitleAlmost Home
DescriptionAlmost Home- the documentary of a nursing home culture change. Includes information on the film, essays and definitions related to Person Centered Care.

Resource TitleHaleigh's Almanac
DescriptionEden Alternative Associate Training Manual. Comprehensive information on all aspects of culture change..

Resource TitleGetting Started
DescriptionA Pioneering Approach to culture change in long-term care organizations.

Resource TitleThe Pioneer Exchange
DescriptionGrowing the grassroots culture change movement depends on the energy and input of everyday leaders in aging services. Actively participating on the Pioneer Exchange is a key way to contribute.

Resource TitleBathing Without a Battle
DescriptionIndividualized problem-solving approach to bathing and personal care of individuals with Alzheimer's Disease.

Resource TitleBathing Without a Battle
DescriptionVideo or DVD. Depicts a better bathing experience for persons with Alzheimer's Disease.

Resource TitleLife Safety Link Related to Christmas Decorations in LTC Facilities
DescriptionFrom the ODH website, Question and Answers
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Resource TitleF-Tag Crosswalk to Culture Change
DescriptionThis volume of the Crosswalk Series examines each of the selected F-Tags, identifies a link between a primary Culture Change Principle and the regulatory language, and weaves an action-based connection between Culture Change Values and Guidance to surveyors for each regulation. F-Tags are presented in a standardized format that is easy to understand by all levels of nursing home team members, and serves as a valuable tool for achieving meaningful in-service education as well as regulatory compliance.